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Move your meetings online. Our suite of web conferencing solutions combines audio, video and web features for a truly interactive meeting experience. The following products seamlessly integrate to provide crystal-clear conference calling for simple web meetings that let you easily present, share and collaborate online.

Web Meetings

Web conferencing allows you to interact with customers and potential clients over the internet. Unlike webinar and webcasting services, web conferences let you give more personal attention. You can share your computer screen with your attendees. You can access your client’s computer remotely, which is handy for helping with technical support or walking a customer through how to use a new program.

Conference Calling

Businesses use conference calls daily to meet with remote parties, both internally and outside of their company. Common applications are client meetings or sales presentations, project meetings and updates, regular team meetings, training classes and communication to employees who work in different locations. Conference calling is viewed as a primary means of cutting travel costs and allowing workers to be more productive by not having to go out-of-office for meetings.

Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing uses audio and video telecommunications to bring people at different sites together. This can be as simple as a conversation between people in private offices (point-to-point) or involve several (multipoint) sites in large rooms at multiple locations. Besides the audio and visual transmission of meeting activities, allied videoconferencing technologies can be used to share documents and display information on whiteboards.

Hosted Events

Take advantage of the scalability and customization of Operator Assisted conferencing combined with the convenience of automated conferencing. Participants join your large event conference call by entering a passcode, eliminating the need to be connected by an operator.

Virtual Events

Virtual events can offer a number of ways for participants to connect and communicate. Webcasts include live presentations or pre-recorded videos where the presenters are available for questions and answers at the end of the session

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Our suite of web conferencing solutions combines audio, video and web features for a truly interactive meeting experience.

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