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Cloud Contact Center Challenges

While the precise value of a positive customer interaction may be difficult to quantify, most business leaders believe customer interactions are the ultimate critical success factor. In fact, by 2020 analysts predict that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. (Source: Walker). This surge in [...]

Cloud Contact Center Challenges2018-03-21T05:40:51+00:00

Biggest IAM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A recent report by Forrester tells us that 80% of security breaches today involve privileged credentials (Source: Forrester). That number is staggering but not entirely surprising. That’s because modern enterprise networks have expanded and spilled over beyond traditional perimeters and outside the safety net of endpoint security and enterprise [...]

Biggest IAM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them2018-03-21T04:58:13+00:00

Defining 4G/LTE

We see the number/letter combination in the corner of our smartphones so often, it has almost become invisible: 4G/LTE. Not only that, ‘4G’ is also touted so repeatedly (and loudly) in Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T commercials, most of us hit the mute button without even realizing it anymore. We know [...]

Defining 4G/LTE2018-02-19T11:45:33+00:00

SD-WAN Market and Growth

While Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology was once reserved for smaller-scale operations, it is now seen as a proven, and more mature, network architecture. Today, it is trusted by many distributed enterprises, including those in financial services, healthcare, and retail. The exponential growth rate in the SD-WAN market has been spurred [...]

SD-WAN Market and Growth2018-02-19T11:45:44+00:00

What’s Your Unified Communications Plan Missing?

The term Unified Communications (UC) encompasses a large scope of solutions. From instant messaging platforms, video conferencing, and file sharing programs, to mobile applications. The common denominator of UC solutions for the enterprise is the platform’s ability to increase productivity, flexibility, and collaboration in the workplace. The increased collaboration includes [...]

What’s Your Unified Communications Plan Missing?2018-02-19T11:45:57+00:00

Private vs. Public Cloud vs. Hybrid – What’s the Difference?

More and more organizations today are deploying cloud-based solutions to help simplify complex IT architectures and to drive down IT spending. In fact, a study by MarketsandMarkets suggests that the hybrid cloud market is estimated to reach $91.74 billion by 2021 (Source: MarketsandMarkets). If your organization is considering a move [...]

Private vs. Public Cloud vs. Hybrid – What’s the Difference?2018-02-28T07:02:20+00:00

What is Managed WAP

Have you ever been logged into ‘Guest Wi-Fi’ at a hotel and when you walked from your room to a conference room only two doors down, you got kicked off the Wi-Fi network? Or you’re at a tradeshow and you can only get Wi-Fi from one side of the show [...]

What is Managed WAP2018-02-19T11:46:19+00:00

Big Data Service Providers Unlock the Value of Data

When it comes to understanding the real-business impact of the big data era, look no further than the exponential growth rate of the Apache Hadoop architecture. The open source technology is fast becoming the de-facto standard for big data management packages. With that, it has also become an important part [...]

Big Data Service Providers Unlock the Value of Data2018-02-19T11:46:47+00:00

Something for Everyone: How Video Conferencing Breaks the One-Size-Fits All Mold

The explosion of Internet technologies and lightning-fast global networks has fundamentally changed the way we communicate. Companies of all sizes around the world, have embraced video collaboration as an efficient, more cost-effective alternative to in-person meetings–and for good reason. Businesses using video conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face collaboration can [...]

Something for Everyone: How Video Conferencing Breaks the One-Size-Fits All Mold2018-02-19T11:47:02+00:00

5 High-Value Features of Hosted PBX

Whether you run a multinational corporation or a startup, communication is key to survival and success. Many organizations, regardless of size or industry, still rely on legacy PBX phone systems as the backbone for their corporate communications. However, these systems are ill-equipped to handle the complex communications needs of today’s [...]

5 High-Value Features of Hosted PBX2018-02-19T11:47:11+00:00

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