Stephanie Elam

Client Success Manager
Stephanie Elam

Stephanie Elam

As a Client Success Manager, Stephanie focuses on giving the customer the best experience and making sure their needs are always met.

She has been a delightful addition, joining the OnCall team in September of 2020.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

With a combined 15 years of customer service experience, she understands that communication, attention to detail, and transparency are keys to a long-lasting relationship with her customers.

She demonstrates a strong ability to connect with people and fully understands what it takes to meet their needs successfully.

Growing up in the Midwest, you can always count on her friendly, easygoing, and enthusiastic conversations. Toss in a little southern charm from her time living in Kentucky and what you get is a sweet, devoted, and hard-working professional with a tremendous work ethic.

In her free time, you can find her doing some of her favorite things. Spending time with her boyfriend, his daughter, and their two dogs, roaming the aisles of Target, eating donuts, or watching Kentucky sports… GO BIG BLUE!

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Stephanie Elam

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